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Dynamics Review

Dynamic Review October 2019


October Reviews


Greetings everyone, now we have a few weeks of league under our belt its time to assess our equipment to see if any changes need to be made to improve our scoring potential.Here are a few new releases to consider.

Track In2ition



RG 2.48

Diff 0.054

INT DIFF 0.015

The In2ition has a modified coverstock. Prime DT (Delayed Traction) is their latest cover.The X-type core has low RG, yet does not burn up early on the lane.This helps the ball store energy and have a strong finish.
Storm Gravity Evolve



RG 2.48

Diff 0.052

INT DIFF 0.020

The Gravity Evolve uses the Shape – Lock HD (High Density) core.Lower RG and higher differential creates more track flare. This core is wrapped with the SPEC cover.Stronger earlier hook for higher volumes of oil.
Motiv Forge Fire



RG 2.47

Diff 0.055


The Forge Fire using the new fusion hybrid cover and the detonator core creates a much faster response off the friction.Bowlers with moderate ball speed will see more skid/flip from this ball.
Storm All-Road



RG 2.57

Diff 0.046


The All-Road’s Fe2 core allows for a thicker shell, this improves coefficient of restitution.This results in more hitting power, longer skid with stronger snap.



Asymmetrical – more track flare, stronger hook off the friction.

Symmetrical – less track flare, longer skid, later hook


Solid – earlier hook, smoother down lane

Hybrid – medium skid, hooks in the mid-lane

Pearl – longest skid, latest hook

REMEMBER: Your revolution rate and ball speed have a dramatic effect on when and how much your ball hooks. The drilling layout is also an important variable that has an influence on your bowling balls motion. The bowling ball surface can be modified to adjust when your ball hooks. Consult your pro shop for options on matching you to a ball for your needs.

Dave Cirigliano is the owner-operator of Bowling Dynamics for the last 31 years. He is a graduate of Don Johnson’s Advanced School of Bowling and currently a USBC Silver Certified Coach. He is also a member of the Arizona State USBC & Metro Phoenix USBC HALL of FAME.

For future reference this article and previous articles or to request a ball to be reviewed, access www.bowlingdynamics.com or my Facebook page Bowling Dynamics.

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